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by doug on
State: Michigan

i am so satisfied with my discus just got them 2 hour ago look great they are eating now. the discusguy did a great job in shipping i highly recommend this site. i will be back soon to by more discus. they did every thing they said they would do. Thanks!!

by Joe Glaser on
State: MI

I'm very satisfied with my decision to use this site for my purchase. Everything was completed as promised and fish are beautiful. I highly recommend this site and will use them again in the future.

by Michael Jodway on
State: Michigan

Just received my discus. I ordered 13 two inch, received 14. One of them has a strange face, and another has roughed up fins. The other 12 are healthy but, very skittish and are hiding by the filter hoses. Overall, im happy with the order. 10 were from the variety pack, and they are beautiful! I would order again. Thanks!

by Thomas Perez on
State: Florida

i ordered 13 in one go and was a little nervous.. They arrived well packaged individually, but they seemed very dazed and some sank to the bottom on their sides... I contacted Rob and it turns out they get sedated to travel, so they were still under the effects of the sedation. I left the lights off for a day and 3 days later all 13 are alive, very active and eating live worms out of fingers already so i would say they have acclimatized very well.

by John on
State: NC

I received 6 discus that surpassed all my expectations. They were in great health and showed very little stress. I am beyond impressed and I highly recommend using this company for all your discus needs. I can not emphasize more the importance of a reputable breeder. Their quarantine process is just another key aspect in receiving healthy vibrant specimens. Great job and kudos to them.

by Bawanna1983 on
State: Nebraska

All fish arrived healthy and with vibrant color. I ordered a plant bundle as well that was not shipped with the fish. There was no notification that the plants would be shipped separate nor when they would arrive. After two emails, I received an answer that the plants were shipping at a latter date. At this point there are no red flags that would keep me from buying discus from this vendor in the future. I will be back for more! Thanks

by Jackson on
State: CA

Ordered 8x 2" discus (2 Super Red, 2 Gold Yellow, 2 Red Eagle & 2 Blue Diamonds) - all arrived in excellent shape & looks like DiscusGuy also threw in an extra little guy (looks like a Blue Face discus). The little Blue Face is the smallest, but the most fearless of all!
I was a little concerned the Super Red & Golden Yellow might come with peppering ... none that I can see at all. Outstanding quality discus and Rob is very responsive in email communication!
If you are hesitant ordering from DiscusGuy online ... Don't. Discus quality from DiscusGuy beats what I see in LFS hands down.

by mark welch on
State: ca

I bought 5 discus and only 1 of them was the correct strain. All were packaged very well and all were in very good condition health wise but i was disappointed that i didn't receive what i ordered. No offer to correct the mistake either. Overall i'm happy with the discus but very upset that i didn't get exactly what i ordered.

by Payman on
State: CA

Purchased 9 discus about a week ago. Two of them arrived dead and after sending the pictures to Rob, without any hesitation he told me I will get my refund. I plan to buy 5 or 6 more discus in couple of weeks. Through out the process Rob was very helpful and provided quick response to my questions. The 7 discus are doing great, they do not hide anymore and have been eating like a pig!

by Tim Abshire on
State: California

I recently purchased 2 wild green discus from Rob. The fish arrived well packed and in perfect shape. These amazing animals acclimated quickly and are thriving in our aquarium. Thank you Rob we appreciate the communication through the process. If your looking for healthy fish from a knowledgeable source, look no further.

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1/5/17 – “Wonderful discus. Very helpful seller!! I’ll see you in the spring!”
-Cheryl, Michigan

1/4/17 – “Excellent looking discus. I’ve had them for a week and they are eating and healthy!”
-Micheal, New York

12/30/16 – “Great Discus seller. Great communication!”
-Victor, North Carolina

12/30/16 – “All fish arrived healthy and colorful. Would recommend!”
-Patrick, Florida

12/30/16 – “These guys rock! Can’t say enough about these guys!”
-Mike, New Jersey

12/30/16 – “Whole sale discus guy was great the only problem was ups miss handling the package”
-Paul, Hawaii

11/25/16 – “fast safe service and nice fish!”
-Steven, New York

11/25/16 – “Very nice discus, Good communication, Will buy from again!”
-Max, North Carolina

11/25/16 – “Fish arrived alive and healthy. Fast shipping!”
-Sidequa, Georgia

11/24/16 – “Thank you very much for a GREAT deal!”
-Paul, North Carolina

11/23/16 – “I ordered 6 blue diamond and 6 red checkerboard discus from Rob.  Fish were shipped to Pittsburgh on a cold November day and all arrived the next day safely and healthy, each packaged in an individual bag.  The fish were already developing their color patterns and I am eager to follow their progression through “puberty”. I would not hesitate to order more fish from him.  In fact, I’ve already told him what to look for, but don’t want to tell you which ones  because I want first crack at them.
-Tony, Pennsylvania

11/22/16 – “Fish look great!”
-Emmanuel, Texas

11/20/16 – “Arrived in great shape growing like weeds all fish up right and strong!”
-John, Missouri

11/18/16 – “Live fish packaged well, prompt shipping, great communication!”
-Nicole, Pennsylvania

-John, North Carolina

11/14/16 – “Great seller! Discus was great, arrived in good health. Shipping was a bit slow but worth the wait.”
-Axel, Texas

11/3/16 – “Fast shipment. Well packaged. Very Pleased A++”
-Jonathan, New York

11/1/16 – “Finally someone online that sells QUALITY Discus!”
-Doug, Massachusett

10/29/16 – “Incredibly satisfied . These fish are beautiful,well packaged, and healthy.”
-Dan, Georgia

10/28/16 – “Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
-Jaroslav, Illinois

10/28/16 – “Arrived alive and Beautiful! Thanks!”
-Valarie, Utah

10/27/16 – “Arrived late due to some issues, but beautiful fish and I’m very happy! Thanks!”
-Richard, Pennsylvania

10/27/16 – “Very nice and excellent packing thank you!!
-Phyo, Arizona

10/26/16 – “Great seller. Second purchase in a month! Everything as described a++++”
-Al, New York

10/26/16 – “Excellent communication. Discus are beautiful! They are healthy and doing well! Thanks!”
-Kham, Washington

10/25/16 – “Great! Thank You! You have the best customer service that I have ever experienced! I will be buying more discus from you soon!”
-Emil, Missouri

10/14/16 – “Exactly what I wanted! Great Fish! Thanks”
-Andrew, Ohio

10/14/16 – “Thank you for such great service! The fish are great!”
-Christine, New Jersey

10/14/16 – “A pleasure doing business with you. Thanks for the beautiful fish!”
-Gloria, Georgia

10/14/16 – “A+++ – Nice Fish! Good experience! Great Seller! Thanks!”
-Hai, Iowa

10/13/16 – “Ordered 10 discus- All arrived next day alive and healthy! I just placed another order!”
-Robert, Florida

10/13/16 – “Nice Fish. Good shipping, Good follow up, He’s a good guy!”
-Michael, Nebraska

10/12/16 – “The discus arrived fine. I acclimated them according to the directions on the paper included with fish and they are doing great. I will be placing another order soon. Thanks!”
-Kathy, Colorado

10/12/16 – “Everything is good. Just finished acclimating the fish. All the fish are doing well. Thanks.”
-Elliot, North Carolina

10/12/16 – “Received your discus shipment this morning and all the discus are beautiful. Thank You!”
-Victor, Pennsylvania

10/12/16 – “Pleasure to do business with you . Accurate quick shipping .A++”
-Nghi, California

10/12/16 – “Beautiful discus in perfect condition! Fast shipping also! Highly recommended”
-Micheal, South Carolina

10/11/16 – “A+++ dealer will definitely buy from again. Great job packing!
-Robert, Texas

10/11/16 – These discus babies are beautiful and healthy, too. They are all doing great. Also, thank you for taking the care in packaging them! I’ve had some terrible experiences with some online fish sellers. You are awesome and are definitely a seller that I will buy from again! Thank You and God Bless. “STUNNING! HONEST SELLER!!! FAST shipping! WONDERFUL SELLER!!!
-Daryl, Michigan

10/11/16 – “Great fish! Amazing Seller!”
-Brian, Texas

10/11/16 – “The fish are beautiful! Thank You!”
-Kham, Washington

10/11/16 – “The fish arrived as promised and are doing well. Thank You!”
-Rachel, Ohio

9/29/16 – “Thank you for the great fish. They all arrived alive and healthy and are doing great. I will be back for more. Thanks!
-Brandon, Delaware

9/27/16 – “The fish arrived and all look very healthy. They are beautiful! Thanks
-Kathy, North Carolina

9/25/16 – “Purchased several fish and they are all doing good. Hope to buy more soon. Thanks!
-Tim, California

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