Discus Fish Breeding Pair

discus fish breeding pair

Discus Fish Breeding Pair – What to Expect

So you finally decided to take the next step in your discus hobby and try breeding discus. You don’t have much room for many discus so the option of buying 12 or more discus with hopes of them pairing off and breeding was out of the question for now. However, you do have a small 20 gallon tank available that you can use for a discus fish breeding pair. Luckily enough you found a proven discus fish breeding pair that you like and you happen to have the extra cash available to buy them so you go ahead and make the move.

Now you are just waiting for the breeding pair to arrive. As the anxiety builds you start doing a lot of research on how to prepare the perfect discus breeding tank. You have the tank all set to go and finally the day comes and the pair arrives.

What is the best way to acclimate a new discus breeding pair?

There are many discus acclimation methods out there. All of the methods out there work just fine. It basically comes down to personal preference. Discus fish take weeks to acclimate to new water parameters. In my 30 + years of experience with discus the best and easiest way to acclimate any discus is the “drop and plop” method. It is very simple and effective:

1. Keep the aquarium lights off.
2. Open the fish bags.
3. Dump the fish bags into an empty net over a clean bucket.
4. Release the fish into the tank.
5. Wait about 2 hours before turning the lights on.
6. Wait 24 hours before feeding the new fish.
7. It can take up to 3 full days for the fish to be fully active in the new tank.

I have been using this method for well over 20 years and I never lost a fish due to acclimation issues!

When will my discus fish breeding pair start laying eggs?

It may take 3-4 weeks before your discus fish breeding pair starts laying eggs. The reason for this is that they need to get used to the new tank and fully acclimate. Once they are fully acclimated they will start laying eggs again. Once they start laying eggs they will continue to lay eggs every 5 to 7 days during spawning season. Eventually they will take a break from spawning for a few weeks and then start back up again, every 5 to 7 days!

Getting a discus fish breeding pair is very exciting, educational and rewarding. Just make sure you maintain very good water quality and sit back and enjoy the ride!

If you are interested in purchasing a discus fish breeding pair, please contact me us using the Contact Us form and I will get back to you with out current availability.

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  1. Terrence Shaw says:

    I have recently ordered Discus from you for my 75 gallon cylinder tank. My question is this, what do you think about having any type of crabs in the tank if its OK, what crab do you recommend?

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