Discus Medications


Discus Medications

Discus Medications are critical to the success of every discus aquarium. If discus are not treated quickly the conditions can worsen to a point where they are not curable.

There are many discus medications out on the market. Through many years of experience, trial and error and research I have come up with the MUST HAVE list of medications that you should have in your Discus Medical Kit.

These are the only medications you will need for your discus tank based on my many years of experience.

Always use them as directed and never over dose. Over dosing will deplete the oxygen in your tank.

The BEST medication for any discus disease is – Large Frequent Water Changes!

Before using any medications, make sure you do a large water change. At least 50-75%. Large water changes will cure a lot of common discus diseases because many of them are caused by poor water quality. You will be amazed what difference large frequent water changes make in the health of your discus. Not only will your fish be more active and colorful but they will also grow faster.

Also before using any medications on discus you need to first check the symptoms. Many discus keepers rush to treat the tank without knowing what they are treating for. That is why the best practice is read the labels of the medications below to see what symptoms they treat. When the symptoms on the label match up to the symptoms that your fish are having, then use that medication.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

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