Fish Acclimation System



Fish Acclimation System

Fish Acclimation has now been taken to a new level with our new Fish Acclimation System.

There are many methods out there for acclimating new fish. I’m sure you have heard about the most popular methods: the float method and the drip method.

Float Method
Pros: Acclimates your new fish to the water temperature.
Cons: Does not introduce your fish to your water parameters.

Drip Method
Pros: Exposes your fish to water temperature and water parameters.
Cons: The amount of water that drips is not enough to provide a proper acclimation. Requires buckets, hoses and can be messy.

The NEW Fish Acclimation System is your answer!

It combines both of the most popular acclimation methods in one simple device.

1. The system attaches easily to your aquarium.
2. The special bag holder allows the bag to float in your aquarium while securing it so it will not fall into the aquarium.
3. The dripping cup gets filled with your aquarium water. Then allows you to regulate the amount of water that drips into the fish bag.

The entire process requires minimal supervision. No more need for buckets, towels and hoses to acclimate all of your fish.

Finally a solution that helps eliminate the mess and cuts down the amount of time needed for acclimation new aquarium fish. Works with fresh and saltwater fish.

You can order several units to acclimate several fish at the same time.

Buy some now and you will thank me later! Once you use it you will wonder how you ever managed without one! Buy a few for yourself and buy some to give as gifts. This is a truly amazing device that is a must have for all aquarium keepers. Once your friends see yours they will want one of their own!

Order yours today while supplies last! Shipping is FREE!

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