Discus Shipping Costs

We ship all of our fish via Overnight Delivery using UPS and FedEx.

1 to 10 Fish (2 inch) or up to 4 fish (4 inch) = $69.99
11 to 16 Fish (2 inch) or up to 6 fish (4 inch) = $79.99
17 to 21 Fish (2 inch) or up to 8 fish (4 inch) = $89.99
Up to 5 XL Discus (5 inch or larger) = $69.99
Up to 2 Wild Caught Discus = $69.99
Discus Food = Free Shipping
Gift Cards = Sent via Email

    Live Arrival Guarantee:

In the event that any fish arrive dead you must email us a picture of the dead fish in the unopened bag within 30 minutes of delivery. A credit will be issued for the dead fish toward your next purchase. We are not responsible for any dead fish as a result of shipping delays by the carrier. Shipping costs are non-refundable.

We take great pride in all of the fish we sell. Therefore we take extreme caution when packaging the fish for shipment.

Our fish packaging is a 10 Step Process:

1. Quarantine every order for at least 48 hours for observation to ensure that your fish are healthy and will get along together so you won’t have any issues.
2. We stop feeding the fish 24 hours before shipping to prevent the water in the shipping bags from becoming polluted during shipment.
3. We then place each fish in their own bag with aquarium water, water stabilizer and pure oxygen.
4. We then take a sturdy cardboard box.
5. Insert a foam insulated cooler inside the box.
6. Line the cooler with plastic and newspaper.
7. Insert heating or cooling packs if needed.
8. Insert the fish in the cooler.
9. Cover and seal the foam cooler.
10. Seal the cardboard box.

fish packing

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