Discus Fish For Sale

Discus Fish For Sale

All orders usually ship within 1 week – Weather Permitting!

Welcome to the DiscusGuy Discus Fish Store where we have high quality Discus Fish for sale at wholesale prices delivered direct to your door. I have been raising and breeding discus fish for over 20 years providing customers and pet stores with excellent service and unbeatable prices on discus fish.
We have a large variety of discus fish for sale that is sure to attract the most demanding hobbyist.
I started with discus fish about 20 years ago. After many years of trial and error keeping discus I finally mastered it. Then it was on to the next big challenge- breeding discus. Once again I did extensive research along with trial and error. Along the way I met many hobbyists and breeders who provided me with invaluable tips on breeding discus. Eventually my discus hobby went wild and I finally decided to start offering discus fish for sale.
I offer many strains of discus including cobalt blue discus fish, super red discus fish, checkerboard pigeon discus fish, golden yellow discus fish, turquoise discus fish, blue diamond discus fish, snow white discus fish, ghost discus fish and many other strains of discus fish including several varieties of wild caught discus. We also offer a variety of high protein discus foods. I am always adding new strains and colors of discus fish for sale so please make sure to check our stock list on a regular basis. Also do not forget to subscribe to our members list to receive special promotions, discounts and updates to our stock list of discus fish for sale.
There is a lot of confusing and contradicting information on the internet about discus fish. The information out there is overwhelming therefore people don’t want to be bothered with discus fish. The common misconception is that they are too difficult to maintain. That is far from the truth. If you never had discus but are considering them feel free to contact me and ask any questions. I will be more than happy to explain all the in’s and outs about keeping discus fish. Once you get started with discus fish you won’t want to keep any other types of fish! Discus fish have their own personalities and become a very addicting and enjoyable hobby!

Some of the most common questions that I receive from my customers are:

Are discus fish hard to keep? Absolutely not!

Are discus fish expensive? Discus fish are harder to breed that your typical fish therefore they tend to be more expensive that your typical fish. The larger the discus fish the more expensive it is.

Are discus compatible with other fish? Yes – please check our discus fish tank mates.

Do discus fish require special food or a special diet? Yes- discus fish require high quality discus food.

Are discus aggressive fish? No- discus are very slow moving peaceful freshwater fish.

Can I keep discus in a rimless aquarium? No. Discus fish have the tendency to jump when startled.

Are discus difficult to breed? Discus are more difficult to breed that your average fish. We have the process down to a science. Click here for the details on how to breed discus fish.

Are domestic and wild caught discus the same? No. Domestic discus have been bred and raised in aquariums. Wild caught discus have been caught in the wild.

Can domestic and wild caught discus be kept together? Yes- domestic and wild caught discus can be kept together with caution.

Are discus fish classified as endangered species? Absolutely not! Discus breeders around the world are always breeding different strains of domestic and wild caught discus so the population is not in danger.

How large can discus fish grow? The largest known discus fish in captivity was about 10 inches in size.

Do discus fish get sick easily? No. Not with the proper care and water conditions.

How long do discus fish live? Discus fish live at least 6 years or longer under the right conditions

Are discus cold water fish? No. Discus fish prefer warmer water. The ideal water temperature is 86F degrees.

Can I keep more than one discus in the same aquarium? Absolutely! Discus fish are schooling fish and prefer to be in large numbers of at least 6 or more discus.

Are discus fish compatible with african cichlids? No. African cichlids require different water parameters that are not good for discus fish.

Do I need an RO filter for discus ? No. RO filters are not necessary for keeping discus fish.

If I buy a male and female discus will they breed? Probably not! In order for discus to breed they must pair off on their own. Just because you have a proven male and female doesn’t mean they will breed.

Should I quarantine new discus fish before adding them to my community aquarium? You should always quarantine any new fish before adding them to your community tank.

If you have any questions about discus fish or if you are interested in a specific strain of discus fish that you don’t see in my store, please contact me using the Contact Us page and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  This is a hobby for me not a business.  I have a passion for discus fish and would be more than happy to share my experience with you.

I look forward to working with you.

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