Discus Fish Tank Mates

Discus Fish Tank Mates are an essential part of your discus fish aquarium. Discus fish are slow moving schooling fish. When looking for discus fish tank mates you want to make sure that you select fish that are slow moving and will not compete with the discus for food.

The most common discus tank mates you see in a discus aquarium are tetras. Neon tetras, cardinal tetras, blood eye tetras, penguin tetras. Tetras are also slow moving schooling fish so that makes them tank mates for discus fish.

Another set of common discus fish tank mates are cory cats. There are many different colors of cory cats. Cory cats stay at the bottom of the tank looking for uneaten food. Cory cats and discus get along very well which makes them a great addition to any discus aquarium.

Many discus keepers are known to keep angelfish with discus. This can be done with extreme caution. Both discus fish and angel fish are very territorial especially during spawning. During the spawning process angelfish and discus become very aggressive in an effort to protect their spawning site. They can get so overprotective that they will start fighting with and chasing after other fish in the tank. Therefore you must keep a close eye when keeping angelfish and discus together. As long as neither of the fish are spawning they can get along in the same aquarium.

Plecos are also a common fish found in discus aquariums. They go around eating algae and uneaten food and debris from the aquarium. They are great in helping to keep your tank clean. However they are not a substitute for water changes. You also need to keep a close eye on plecos when they get larger. Plecos suck up to glass and objects in the aquarium. At times they may have the tendency to suck up to the side of your discus fish due to the shape of the discus fish body. SO you need to keep a close eye on plecos as they mature.

Many very experience discus keeps keep stingrays in their discus aquariums. Stingrays stay at the bottom of the aquarium and do not interfere with the discus. However, the diet of a stingray is completely different from the diet of a discus fish. Therefore if you have sting rays in your tank you must cater to both the eating habits of the sting ray and the discus. Many people do not like keeping sting rays in their discus aquariums do to the fact that sting rays grow quickly and require fairly large aquariums.

The chart below shows all the details of which fish are compatible with discus.

Compatibility Chart

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